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Our homes have never before meant so much to us, it’s a place where we've spent time with friends and family, where we’ve celebrated good news, taken refuge from the bad and a place where you can be yourself. In this period of down time we can use our safe spaces as an opportunity to be productive, get creative and put this time to good use. If you're stuck for ideas, here's a list of helpful things you could do while at home or at the yard. If you upload any photos and videos to your social channels, we would love to see what you've been getting up to so tag us in your posts using @arbortecfw and the hashtag #arbathome and we will share some of our favourites. 


Full Gear Check 

We all know how important well maintained gear is to our safety and getting the job done efficiently. When was the last time you had the time to really do a thorough gear check on your climbing and rigging kits? Or cleaned out those saws and chippers? Now is the perfect time to sort through everything properly! 


Make The Most Of Technology

If you've got to the stage of 'You're all caught up' on your social channels, why not use those fancy gadgets to help you learn a new skill. Take an online course, start a youtube channel, film a vlog, learn a language, video chat with family, friends, those you work with and those that you know are on their own at this time.


Company Marketing and Personal Brand

For those that currently run a company or are self employed these times can be very worrying, we understand how it feels. Why not take this time to work on your personal brand and company website, delve into those archives of images and get them online, whether it be to update your website or establish your social media channels.


Edit Footage and Make a Film

All that Go Pro and iPhone footage that has been building up can finally be edited! Now is the time to dust off those hard drives and dig out old SD cards and get creative. Tag us in your videos.


Watch your Watchlists

Whether you've got Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV, Disney +, Apple TV or a pile of unwatched DVD's and downloads. Now is the time to tick off those bucket list films and series you've been waiting to watch. Let the binge watching commence!


Wash, Scrub and Reproof

Now we know this is a task that nobody likes doing but if those chainsaw trousers haven't had a wash in a while, get them in that washing machine. Check your pockets first and DO NOT TUMBLE DRY THEM. Leather or suede proof your boots, re waterproof your smocks and get the sewing kit out for any small repairs that you've been putting off.  


Firewood, Milling and DIY Projects

Use this time to process that pile of logs that has been building up at the yard. Get the log splitter or saw mill out and fill up the firewood and timber stores. Or if you're looking for a bit of a work out, dust off the axe and get chopping. Alternatively you could start a project with the wood you've already stored. 



You don't have to down tools completely during this period. If you've had the urge over the years to carve that mushroom or owl, why not give it a go now. Alternatively you could turn your hand to whittling for a more relaxing approach to carving. Order yourself some hand tools and give it a go.


DIY Haircut

Can't get a fresh trim, no worries, here's a few tips and tricks we've found for DIY hair dressing while at home. Just remember it will grow back!   


Be Outside, Inside with VR

We can't recommend VR highly enough. This is one of the funnest things you'll do during lockdown. Want to escape to the beach? No problem. Want to go train at the boxing gym or watch a film at the cinema? No problem. VR can and will literally transport you to where you want to go and has some amazing immersive games and experiences for the whole family to enjoy. Here's our list of top devices and games.