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THCKIT6 Professional Spike Kit Treehog


 A collection of professional items for tree climbers. Includes harness, flip line, and other accessories in a kit bag. All you need apart from this kit is a climbing rope of your choice.

- TH5000 Tree climbing harness, TH1003 climbing spur, TH1171 3m wire core flip line, TH1181 100cm cambium saver, TH1112 bungee strop, TH1113 tool strop, TH1153 eye to eye sling 80cm, THPUL2 swing cheek pulley, x2 THK002 karabiner, x2 THK006 karabiner, TH4000 rope bag, THCR131-37 climbing rope 13mm/37m, TH1195 220g throw bag, TH1198 throw line 50m, THFA01 first aid kit. 


70 litre kit bag, TH1160 cutaway strop, 60x40cm warning sign, THRG1 rope grab.

Size range: Small, Medium/Large, XL/2XL


Why not check out this handy Arbortec sizing guide to help select the best fitting products for arborists and foresters. The sizing is for the North American market.


tree climbing kit treehog

THCKIT6 Professional Spike Kit Treehog