This is a brief overview of the original Breatheflex chainsaw pants. Introduced to the market in 2014 there have been a few improvements since their first release based on your recommendations. This video is a brief insight into the key features of the pants.

The pants are lightweight, comfortable and have been made to be as breathable as possible while retaining good abrasion resistance and quality blocking material.

The Breatheflex features a strong but lightweight Dyneema® and Kevlar® to ensure the pants are flexible enough for climbing and groundwork while ensuring you are fully protected when using a saw.

The pants' outer shell has been made from Climasphere breathable fabrics which are highly abrasion and snag resistant and the six-way stretch feature makes for an incredibly comfortable and long-lasting chainsaw pants.

The pants are available in Type A front protection only and Type C all-around protection. When cleaning and drying these pants make sure to always air dry or hang in an airing cupboard.

DO NOT TUMBLE DRY! PLEASE NOTE: PPE is essential when using a chainsaw, be sure to always have full protective equipment worn on-site at all times. Don't risk losing a limb or a life.