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European Tree Climbing Championships

by Arbortec Blog |

It was an absolute pleasure to return to the Euros to sponsor the Masters Event again this year and be apart of such a fantastic event once again. We thoroughly enjoyed catching up with old and new friends and watching the insane skills from the climbers. 

A massive congratulations to all the competitors and finalists and of course, also a big shout out to all the volunteers and organisers that give up their time to make these events possible.

Masters Results:

1. 🇬🇧 Josephine Hedger
2. 🇩🇪 Eva-Maria Mauz
3. 🇩🇰 Louise Grønbaek

1. 🇧🇪 Fritz Van der Werff
2. 🇸🇪 Johan Pihl
3. 🇧🇪 Peter Vergote
4. 🇩🇪 Björn Lüdeke
5. 🇨🇿 Jiri Voda
6. 🇺🇸 James Earhart

Check out the highlights for the Euros below. Also be sure to check out the picture from on Facebook and Instagram.