Extensively field-tested for over two years, the new KAYO chainsaw boot was launched with the help of industry professionals. It is the newest chainsaw boot from Arbortec that is lightweight low-cut with chainsaw protection for arborists, foresters and climbers. Available in 3 different colours, charcoal, purple and lime. 

In our most recent Youtube video, Katie Curwen describes the KAYO chainsaw boot having features such as easy to slip on and off, excellent support, less time to break in, a great climbing boot and waterproof. 

KAYO Chainsaw Boot

Scafell Lite 

One of our older designs - the Scafell Lite has been built for climbing, groundwork and forestry. Each pair of boots have been handmade to ensure the highest quality. It’s down to the skill of the craftsmen that makes a difference to the comfort and quality. 

The Scafell Lite has class 2 protection. The flexible, pierce-resistant midsole is an added feature that ensures no sharp objects can penetrate the foot. A BreatheDry® system is included in the design to prevent debris from getting into the lacing system.

Scafell Lite Boots

What is the difference? 

You choose different equipment for different jobs. The Scafell Lite is more favourable for foot support in jobs such as forestry and waterway work. The KAYO boot is more in favour as a climbing boot as it has ample flexibility with a steel-toe cap, premium leather with super grip. The low-cut style includes a chainsaw protected gator and tongue, tailored perfectly for the professional chainsaw user.

All products can be found on the Arbortec Forestwear website here.