About Arbortec Forestwear


Bringing inspiration and innovation to every chainsaw user in the world


Arbortec is a product development company with a laser focus on customer satisfaction.

As specialists in the arboriculture and forestry industries, we bring you a comprehensive range of chainsaw boots, gloves, and clothing; tree climbing equipment; rigging and lowering gear; tools and safety equipment.

Our Arbortec and Treehog collections offer you choice and value, with a passion for:

  1. Protecting your lifestyle.

The concept of a hard day’s work in the forest clearly remains with functional gear.
Our kit turns work into fun, and ultimately protects that desired lifestyle with the trees and in the forest.
Our products don’t only look cool, they perform, protect and give you the edge.

  1. Laser focusing on customer experience..

Merely delivering on your expectations is not good enough.
We want to exceed at every step of the way – from first connection through to supply and ultimately the performance and lifespan of our products.

  1. Bringing your inspirations to market.

The best innovators are you guys in the trees, and our evolving product range is a result of your feedback and inspiration.
We are committed to providing a platform where inventors can share and be rewarded for their valued experience and ideas.

  1. Next practice, not best practice (success is a journey, not a destination!)

Static is not us, we’re looking forward to tomorrow. Every day we aim to revolutionise the market.
Next practice is a commitment to a process, not an end product. For us that means we’re committed to making innovation accessible to you.

  1. Supporting our global dealer network.

We rely on our brand partners to provide an environment where you can engage with our products, and we empower them with expertise and the tools they need to service your requirements.
Spanning 15 countries in 3 continents our network of brand ambassadors is ever growing. Use our ‘find a dealer’ locator to discover your nearest outlet.


Our head office is based in Norfolk UK, where our main innovation centre is located. We work with many arboriculture and forest associations around the world and attend many of the largest trade events in the industry.


Arbortec - Born in 1990, the Arbortec Forestwear brand provided a breakthrough in comfortable chainsaw footwear and has grown to become a leading name in the arboriculture and forestry profession.

Followed a steady growth until 2010 when the company went through a succession phase, moving into the second generation of ownership.

By this time, the brand was ready for a re-fresh and the new management team brought to the table a change of direction based on experience and training from the outdoor pursuits sector.

Chainsaw boots

Back in the ‘90s stiff heavy chainsaw boots were the norm, so the introduction of a dual density range of footwear under the Arbortec Forestwear brand was welcomed by the British arboriculture industry.

Using technically advanced (for those days) injection moulding technology, Arbortec brought slipper-like comfort to chainsaw footwear and challenged the status quo of the old established names.

Moving into the 21st century the Arbortec Forestwear name gained recognition, with Aquafell Xpert® boot becoming a firm favourite for arborists worldwide. By this time the first items of clothing were added to the offering and a protective glove range was launched.

Our range of chainsaw boots has since evolved significantly, and now features the professional 'Fell' range with the new Scafell Lite going from launch to bestselling chainsaw boot in 3 months!

Chainsaw clothing

Our expertise and experience gained in the development of our chainsaw boots, was put to excellent use in the creation of our market leading chainsaw clothing range.

The Arbortec clothing range provides the professional with the best levels of protection whilst maintaining the highest level of comfort possible - and not forgetting a stylish look.
We know that protective clothing has to be as light and comfortable as possible - or it's just not practical to use.

Chainsaw gloves

Create a winning selection of chainsaw gloves was our original goal, and today we have one of the most extensive range of chainsaw gloves in the industry.

Arborist equipment

Treehog - At the same time, the need for a cost-effective range of chainsaw protective and arborist equipment was recognised. The Treehog collection has developed quickly to include a broad offering of safety equipment for climbing, rigging and chainsaw protection, with new product sectors being developed all the time.