Arbortec Customer Reviews

Arbortec Reviews - Genuine And Verified Buyers

"Just got another set of trousers for my skins. I love the options to be casual when I don’t need saw protection and it’s super easy to put on if I do. And the colour options are epic." - Damien

"My breatheflex pro pants are awesome. They feel very comfortable and are not too hot even in warm weather." - J.D.P

"Very Pleased With Your Products. They have everything I could look for in a product. From comfort to durability and designed for performance, they are very complete" - A.G.

"I purchased the Arborflex pro skin trousers, and from the moment I put them on I knew they were going to be what I was looking for. They were comfortable, flexible and breathable. I climbed in them first thing and was 100% sold on them! I will recommend these to anybody interested in climbing pants!" - N.S

Excellent quality products. Shipping was much faster than expected and came from a great distance! Good customer service. They also provide a surprise discount sometimes! - Darla

"I have tried many different brands over my 20 years in the tree industry but nothing comes close to competing with the Arbortec range. I have boots and pants now they don't just look great they excel in every way possible.. I will only use the best and this is the best." - Grant

''I love the Breatheflex protective pants! The best buy I have made for protective gear! I live in Louisiana, so it gets very hot here. That being said the pants are not to thick to wear in these conditions- which was very surprising! I will definitely be buying more very soon!'' - Jonathan K

''Very good products, comfortable and tough wearing, very good customer service.'' - Harry