Selecting the correct pair of chainsaw pants is of paramount importance depending on the job at hand, as leg-wounds are the most common type of chainsaw related injury. At Arbortec Forestwear, we offer different chainsaw trouser designs suitable for each industry in the arb world.  

The main factor you should consider when purchasing a pair of arborist pants is the level of protection you need whilst using a chainsaw. Arbortec chainsaw pants are available in either Design A, Design A Plus or Design C, and all have different levels of protection:

Chainsaw Trouser Design


Design A or Design C (sometimes referred to as Type A and Type C) refers to the level of protection and how much coverage there is of the blocking material. Design A has front coverage only. The coverage extends slightly to the back by 5cm.

Design A is intended to be used, for example, in normal forest harvesting work by professional loggers, who are thoroughly trained and instructed because they are sewn in a way that protects the front of your legs.



We have also developed Design A Plus chainsaw pants, which are limited to protection on the front of the leg (180°), with additional calf protection on the back half of the leg.



Design C pants have full 360° coverage front and back, you can find out more information by reading our chainsaw pants guide here. 

Design C is intended to be used, by users who are not using chainsaws frequently, or are using chainsaws in exceptional circumstances, arborists, tree surgeons, climbers - because these pants have a protective layer all-around the leg.

These different types of chainsaw trouser have been designed to substantially reduce the risk of injury and to slow down the chainsaw by using our blocking material. However, It is very important to know the speed of your chainsaw and to select the correct class pants dependent on chainsaw speed. Class 1, 2 or 3 refers to the chainsaw speed. 


Class 1 is for 20m/s

Class 2 for 24m/s

Class 3 is for 28m/s

To find out your chainsaw speed you can check with the manufacturer or use the calculation below:


Chainsaw Chain Speed Formula 

Chainpitch (in metres, if in inches need to convert to metres) x2

x teeth in sprocket



How do chainsaw pants work?


All Arbortec Forestwear class and design pants have to be tested and certified by an independent laboratory. Any element of change in the pants results in us needing to re-certify. We can’t test one pair of pants and use that certificate for all our pants, we have to test each individual class and design type and can't produce them until we get a pass and a valid certificate. 

So how do they actually work? When the saw's chain meets the inner protective layers, these fibres are drawn out of the pants and into the drive sprocket stopping rotation of the chainsaw. The teeth act like hooks which drag these fibres out and become entangled around the sprocket, choking it. The chainsaw will then stall and prevent further injury to the user.


Factors to consider when buying chainsaw pants


Level of protection needed

Depending on the job, the kind of chainsaw you'll use, and how risky the task is, the first choice is to pick the right kind of chainsaw pants. When choosing size ensure that the length of the garment is sufficient to overlap foot protection. We also recommend a risk assessment is carried out prior to beginning the work. For example, if you're a trained arborist using a chainsaw on the ground at a speed of up to 20 meters per second, you will want to go for Design A, Class 1 chainsaw pants. All Arbortec Forestwear Design A chainsaw pants can be seen here. 

When deciding between Design A and Design C chainsaw pants, consider the extra safety that type C has to offer with full 360° coverage front and back, but also consider that the Design C pants will be heavier and might make you feel hotter in the warmer months of the year, but always compare the risk of getting tired from the heat with the benefit of having more protection on the job site. 

Longevity and value for money

Consider the type of work you are in, like whether you spend a lot of time climbing tree canopies. People will have different needs, depending on how much they climb, time spent on the ground, or dealing with thorns. 

Also consider how often you will need to wear chainsaw pants. People who only use chainsaws once in a while are more likely to have accidents because they aren't as proficient as a regular chainsaw users, and should consider purchasing Design C chainsaw pants to ensure they are more protected. For heavy duty daily use in a rough environment, durability is important for obtaining the best wear life from your chainsaw pants. 

Arborists and forestry workers commonly use a pair of chainsaw pants for up to a year, depending on how hard and intense their work is. People who do not use their pants very often might get even more use out of them. Spending more on good quality and protective chainsaw pants that are strong and last longer is our recommendation for saving money in the long run.

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