AT4060(US) Breatheflex Pro Chainsaw Pants UL Rated - Beige


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Jason Hendrix

Worth their weight in gold! Would highly recommend them. Outstanding quality!

Sawyer Ruby

Love them so far. Have only worn them 1week so will be curious as to how they hold up but so far so good!

Shane Walls
The best.

Simply the best chainsaw pants. Great fit. Very well thought out! I have three pairs and plan to buy one more.

Caleb Murray
Great pant

Overall these pants are great. They fit well and are more of a slim fit which is great. Not overly hot in the summer. The right cargo pocket is pretty narrow though and it can be a bit of a pain getting your hand in the there considering how deep it goes and the back vent zippers do t have the protective material over them so after the first week of having the vents open I snagged one of the zippers and ripped it so i can’t close it and with winter approaching quickly here in the Midwest, it can get a bit drafty. But with that being said, those are the only negative opinions I have.

The material on the back of the pants is nice and lightweight and allows it to breathe well.

Jason Illum
Great fit

Super comfy with great flexibility and stretch. Not too hot and super breathable but also good in the cold. Only problem I had was I was expecting a bit more of a khaki brown and they are more of a yellow color.