AT34000 Kayo Chainsaw Boot - Purple


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Eli The Shank
Good for chainsaw boots

I think these are very nice boots. I love the look of them and the soles grip very well for navigating the canopy vertically and laterally. They are comfortable on the ground but that is slightly compromised by the presence of the chainsaw protection. But that could be a fair trade for the added safety. They are a sort of pain to pull on, but again, a good trade off for the safety and there’s no sawdust getting inside. I’m confused a little by the tongue. I wish the laces went up a little higher to keep it in place, as it is it tends to hang forward a bit. Not really a problem and the Velcro does help keep it in position, but it looks a little funny and can definitely catch debris. Overall, awesome boots, I’d probably buy them again.

Brian Zavalza

The boot feels great it's just that it's a bit difficult to put them on and then in the cold i would of thought the insulation was better but my feet get cold all the time but apart from that they're good.

Jace Johnson
Arbortec is the bomb

I'm very excited about these boots. I haven't really had time to put them to the test yet, but they have everything I'm looking for in a boot. If they perform like the other Arbortec products I've had in the past, then there's no chance I'll be disappointed.

A few things to note: they do seem to run a bit large, and they are a difficult to get your foot in them when they're new, but I think that will get better with time.