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So far so good

I’ve had my arbortec Kayo boots for about a week and a half now. Previously I wore carolina logger boots. I climb 2-3 times a week generally. The kayos are far more comfortable on the ground or in the tree, and in spikes than my carolinas were. Toebox has more space as well, and its hard not to feel stable in these. Breaking them in has been pretty easy and theyve been comfortable from the start. With not much wear on them yet at all, the sole is grippy and the boots are very waterproof. I can’t speak to how long this will be the case, but I am satisfied with my purchase thus far.

Michael Salzer - Greener Side Landscaping
Great Products

Quality was above and beyond expectations, will definitely order more in the future.

Comfortable boot

Their a very comfortable boot but the tongues to get a bit annoying and to get them snug it quite challenging but over all a great boot for working on the ground or climbing

John McElfresh
Comfortable boots with Agility in Mind

I picked up a pair of these Kayo boots recently, wanting to move away from the traditional heave leather logger-style boots. I also switched to chainsaw pants as chaps were just to cumbersome to me.

Both moves were good ones. The Kayos were hard to get on at first, but felt comfortable once I got them on. It helped to really loosen the laces, allowing my foot to get into the protective bootie easier.

They proved to be more flexible than my previous loggers, really comfortable once on, and combined with the pants, I now get fatigued far less and can work longer with this setup over my previous old-school setup.

I am not a professional arborist, but having returned to the family farm after being away for almost 40 years, I'm now facing clearing 34 acres of mainly brush and woods that hasn't been touched in 30 years.

That is a task in inself, believe me, and having lighter, more flexible kit helps my 61-year-old body get the job done easier and work longer days (at least in comfort) as I struggle to work as hard as I could when I was 15-16 on the same piece of ground lol.

BTW I wear size 45 euro motorcycle boots (Alpinestars, also Italian-made), have for years, and tried on both 45s and 46s in these and went with the 45s. So sizing seems spot-on to me. I hope that helps. You don't want them too big or it will hurt your feet going downhill, increase chances of blisters at first, and just prove a poor decision in the long run and these are expensive but so is surgery.

Robert Davis
Great but fit big

Fantastic boots but I had to buy two pair because the first were just way to big.