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Rafael Nazareno
Arbortec logo

I want the arbortec logos for the laces of my boots. They are already two orders and they don't send them to me

Fabiola De la cruz

AT33200 Scafell Lite Class 2 Chainsaw Boot - Brown

Eric Coon
Could use some work

First off, let me state that these boots are made with quality and are not a junk boot. My review is mixed with personal preferences and maybe some flaws, but all n all, a very solid boot—-I’ve owned them for about a year and a half with all day use. First impressions, heavy, but they’re packed full of more protection and a steel toe. I’m used to mountaineering boots, but these took some time to break in and get used to. I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of these for climbing around a tree, but for removals and quick climbs, they’re great. These are the best boots I’ve worn with spikes, and they feel very sturdy. For long pruning jobs or multiple climbs where I’m running around a tree, i switch back to a lighter/tighter boot. If I have to walk longer distances, like when I’m clearing trails, I tend to get blisters on my toes and heels. Mostly heels. The size is correct, the volume is slightly larger than I’m used to, so that’s probably where most of the rubbing is coming from. They also don’t breath as well as I initially thought, and that, most likely is due to the chainsaw protection. So they get very hot, but all boots we work in will, especially on warm days. They’re decently waterproof, but I’ve had my feet get pretty wet in them on several occasions. Those were all day wet days no matter what though. Also consider the fact that you need to clean and re proof the boots to keep up with the breathability and waterproofness. Otherwise sweaty feet will trick you into thinking it’s a faulty boot. Simple upkeep.

To sum it up, I’d recommend these boots to anyone who wants a great work boot, especially in the arborculture/forestry field. They wet out easily so clean them, and re waterproof them with a nice wax or oil often. The adjustable tongue is nice to change the volume for less cushioned socks. The Vibram sole grips very good to all trunk bark and man made surfaces. Great product but not the best for my foot type.